Monday, July 8, 2013

5 months!

Where does the time go? Seriously!! I have been so busy ever since I went back to work. I am trying to enjoy every second because it is just flying by! Every month I post the update and I swear to myself that I am going to start blogging more, but then life happens. ha! Maybe I should start small and say I'll try to blog two days next week!

June 22, 2013
Happy 5 months sweet girl! This month has been great! You are growing like a weed. :) You are learning so much everyday and I love to watch you discover new things.

At your last check-up, the doctor cleared us to start slowly introducing solid foods. I felt a little apprehensive and I can't really explain why. Maybe it's because just about every person on my side of the family has some kind of food allergy. So we started with Rice cereal enhanced with DHA, we thought that was great! Well after the first day of cereal you had an outbreak of eczema. I thought it was just a fluke, I put your cream on and that was that. So we waited a couple of days and tried the cereal again, and BAM! Eczema outbreak again. We looked over the ingredients on the cereal and I guess because of the "DHA" part there was fish gelatin and tune oil. UGH! So we stopped the cereal all together and no eczema since. We decided not to rush things we the solid food stuff. We got some organic brown rice to try next, hopefully it will go better. We might just skip the cereal and go straight to peas. Yummy!

 You got to meet my best friend growing up. She came in to see you from Houston! It was love at first sight!
You have started noticing when I leave the room and if I hand you to anyone else you watch me like a hawk. It makes me smile a little bit that you love Mommy so much, but I also want you to let other people hold you sometimes! ha!

You LOVE books! I think you just like listening to us talk. If I'm on the phone, you will stop playing and just watch me. A few times I have been on the phone while I'm holding you and you will reach up to touch my face. I can just see your little wheels turning trying to figure it all out.

You got to visit with your Great Grandma and your Great Great Grandma again. You are one lucky girl to have both of them around. Not many little girls get to meet their Greats!

You are the light of our lives little girl, we love you so much!

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