Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy 2 months!

Playing catch up again, I promise I will be back on schedule soon!

From March 19, 2013:

 Addison, you are two months old today!

Your little personality really started forming this month. You are a happy baby for the most part but you really don't like to be messed with. You have gone from hating your diaper changes to loving them. That is actually when you are the most content. After you have your diaper changed you are such a happy girl.

You have discovered your voice and you make little noises and laugh out loud, it's so cute! You love to "talk". I think that once you start talking, you aren't going to stop!

You do really well when we are out in public for the most part. If I have to feed you while we are out I usually have to carry you for a while becuase you don't like to go back in the stoller once you are out. You love looking around at everything.

You got to go out to a fancy restaurant for Mommy's birthday and you behaved so well! You are already a little Dallas socialite!
You are growing so fast. I was so sad to have to pack up your newborn clothes this month. You outgrew the length pretty fast!

You don't like to take naps but at our 2 month well visit the doctor told me to let you sleep as long as you want at night and she said that would helps with the nap situation. You are so sweet when you do sleep. You are still sleeping in our room in your pack and play, we are not ready to move you yet. :)

We had your 8 week doctor visit and you got your first shots. I thought I would be ok but as soon as your started crying, I started crying! I don't like you to be upset!
2 month stats:

Weight: 11 (55%)
Height: 23.5 (92%)
Head: (98%) You have a big head!!
Diapers: Size 1
Clothes: 0-3 months, 3 months

Fun stuff about you:
  • You don't like Daddy to hold you. He makes you laugh so hard when Mommy is holding you but if he takes you from me you flip out. You are a Mommy's girl and that melts my heart. We are working on the Daddy thing though. ;) 
  • We give you a little Chammomile tea before bed to ehlp with your gas. I thought the doctor was crazy when he told us to do this, but it really does seem to help.
  • To add to the comment are a very gassy girl!
  • You have acid refulx and I have had to stop eating dairy which has been really hard, but I would do anything for my girl!
  • You look just like Daddy, but you act like me! haha!

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