Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Showered with Love

I'm finally posting about the awesome baby showers! Yay! We had one early in September with my MIL's friends. Then our next one was in Houston in November with my friends and family there. we had almost 30 people come! It was so amazing!

My two best friends that I have known since the 5th grade and their moms hosted the Houston shower. I have known these ladies for almost 20 years and they are all family in my book! I love them all so much!

The day was perfect! The theme matched the baby bedding that we picked out. Everything was pink and green owls. They went overboard with PINK (which I couldn't get enough of). It was sooooo cute!

Katie, her mom and sister made the most beautiful diaper cake that I have ever seen in my life. I know that they put blood, sweat and tears in to making it and I appreciate it so much!

The food was absolutely fabulous!

And the gifts...oh my the gifts. I could not believe how much stuff we got. It was unreal. I  was so happy that my family came to see us, it was so fun!

Then in December my good friend and my Mom hosted a shower for all of my friends here. Over 40 people came! That in itself made me feel more loved than anything, just that so many people are excited to celebrate this baby with me. It was the best feeling!

(Mom and Melody, my beautiful hostesses)

My mom's house was turned into a sea of PINK!

So many good friends came to celebrate with us! 

Friends even came from out of town, and I was soooo happy to see them! 

The only bad things that I can say about these days was that they went by too fast! I feel truly loved by everyone came and showered Baby and I with love!!


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