Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bumpdate-36 weeks!


How Far Along: 35 weeks, 4 weeks to go! I really can't believe that I am almost done being pregnant. It's so weird to think that I'm kind of going to miss it.

Total Weight Gain: Holding steady at 30 lbs.

Size of Baby: Baby girl is the size of a crenshaw melon, according to Its says that she is about 6 pounds now. We have our next appointment on Dec. 27th and we will get to see how big she is when we have the sonogram. 

Maternity Clothes:
I've switched to all maternity clothes, they are just more comfortable at this point.
Gender: Baby Girl!

I feel her move around all the time. The movement has become way more pronounced in the past couple of weeks. It almost tickles sometimes. I can really tell that she is getting bigger!

I haven't been sleeping as well as I normally do.I usually wake up around 2 or 3 AM and I'm awake for a god 1-2 hours. It's really annoying because I'm always so tired the next day.
What I miss:
I am starting to miss my body being my own. I think it's just because I'm getting uncomfortable at this point.

Fruit Loops and oreos! Not together of course, ha! I have also really been craving loaded baked potatoes from Dickey's BBQ. They are soooo good! 

Other crazy symptoms:
Nothing really crazy. Heartburn. All. The. Time. It kind of sucks. But I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, so I'm hanging in there! It has really been a challenge to do my normal Christmas running around being this pregnant. It has definitely been different this year!  

Best Moment this week:
I have really been trying to take it easy and listen to my body. When I feel  tired, I try to rest. It's hard to do that with Christmas in full swing. ha! I would say the best moment this week was getting the glider in the nursery. It was the last major thing that we were waiting on and now it's complete. We have everything done in her room and that feels really good.

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