Thursday, October 18, 2012

Stocking the Freezer

So I'm a planner. With that being said, I have been thinking about how are lives are going to be so different once Baby is here. It kind of freaks me out that I can't plant out the details, but I CAN plan out what we will eat in those first few weeks. I have been reading about post-partum recovery and things to expect. One thing that keeps coming up is being so tired that the last thing on your mind is cooking dinner. I really don't want us to live on fast food and pizza so I have made a list of things that I can make ahead and freeze. I tried to think of things that would be really easy to just heat up and maybe add a fresh veggie or salad. Translation:things that would be eash for Hunter to prepare. ha!  Any tips on what freezes well or really anything about freezing meals would be awesome!

 Here is what I have on my list for now:

1.  Meatballs

2.  Casseroles:


-Chicken Spaghetti

-Baked Ziti

       3. Soups:

-Taco Soup

-Chicken Noodle



-Corn Chowder

       4. Sloppy Joe

       5. Beans

       6. Meatloaf Minis

       7. Muffins

       8. Cookie Dough

       9. Breakfast Burritos     

       10. Beef and Bean Burritos

       11. Salsa Chicken for Tacos
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