Monday, October 29, 2012

Bumpdate-28 Weeks!

28 weeks down 12 to go, give or take a few. I have really mixed emotions about that. I feel like I have had this little secret living inside of me and it's been just me and her and soon I'm going to have to share that little secret with the world. Bitter sweet. I can't wait to meet her, but I'm going to miss our bonding time that nobody else gets to share. I'm already stingy with her, ha! Sometimes when I think about having a baby actually here with us, it scares the poop out of me. But we are ready...we have the nursery done (minus a few small details), her clothes are hanging in her closet and nicely folded in the drawers. We just need a baby. :)

How Far Along: 28 weeks

Total Weight Gain: around 20 lbs. YIKES! haha!

Size of Baby: Chinese Cabbage , according to

Maternity Clothes:
 I am still wearing some regular (mostly maternity) tops but I have switched to all maternity bottoms, they are so comfortable! My mom gave me some really cute maternity PJ's and I could literally live in them! I also bought a pair of maternity yoga pants. Oh. my. gosh. I don't know how I have ever lived without them. I guarantee that I will be wearing them even after I'm pregnant. No shame. I'm a shopper so my maternity wardrobe keeps growing, I have to keep reminding my self  that I only have a couple more months, so I have really slowed down buying things. :)

Gender: Baby Girl!

 I feel her move around all the time. It actually freaks me out if I don't feel her for a while. She is still a morning girl right now. She moves all around in the morning while I'm sitting at my desk. You can feel the thumps from the outside now, Hunter got to feel her a couple of weeks ago and he thought that was pretty cool!

I haven't been sleeping as well as I normally do. Mainly because I don't like sleeping on my side. I wake up a lot during the night, I think mostly because I'm just not comfortable.

What I miss:
I am REALLY missing working out. I love going to kick boxing classes and sweating so much that  I'm soaking wet! I guess I have the rest of my life to enjoy working out so for right now I'm going to enjoy being pregnant!  I have still been enjoying warm baths, but I like them so hot that steam is coming off of my skin when I get out. I can't wait to take a hot bath again! I miss my pre-pregnancy clothes/body, but I found myself thinking the other day that a couple more months and I'm done and I kind of got sad. haha!
Fruit always sounds good. Still craving sweets, I had a raging craving for homemade apple pie one day and I don't even eat apple pie. ha! PB&J sandwiches and chocolate milk! Mexican food!

Other crazy symptoms:
I haven't had any more leg cramps, I guess drinking OJ in the morning has worked. My lower back started bothering me a little. I took a small pillow to work to put in my chair during the day and that has helped. I have had a few Braxton Hicks contractions, my doctor said it was perfectly normal! I had a really stressful week at work last week and I can tell at night that my stomach just tightens up, it's so weird. I'm so lucky to have Hunter to help me, he can tell when I need to rest, which is so hard for me, and he MAKES me get off of my feet. Love him! Other than that, just tired. ha!

Best Moment this month: 
We went to a Prepared Childbirth Class. I was actually dreading it because it was all day on a Saturday but we both really enjoyed it.  The best part was hearing all of the questions from the dads, they were pretty funny. We got to go on a tour of the Labor and Delivery wing and that actually got my heart pumping. It was weird to think that we will be in one of those rooms in a few months. We were both really glad that we took the class, it was helpful for both of us. :)

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