Wednesday, October 31, 2012

25 and counting

We had our 28 week appointment with the doctor yesterday and I have gained 25 lbs! Hunter got furstrated with me because I was kind of bummed about it. He just kept saying that this is what is supposed to happen. And I know that I'm supposed to gain weight, but it is so hard to see those numbers on the scale going up and there is nothing that I can do about it. Oh well, only a little bit longer. ha!

I also had to do the glucose screening test where you drink the orange stuff. I actually didn't think that it was that bad tasting. I have heard awful things about it, but I thought it kind of tasted like the orange drink at McDonalds.

Reality set in when the Doc said that we start going every two weeks for appointments now. Wow, the time has really gone by kind of fast. I'm going to try to savor every last minute. ha!

And, Happy Halloween! We all dressed up like super heros at work today, I'm "Super Mom"! haha! Have a great day and indulge in candy while you have a good excuse!


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