Wednesday, September 19, 2012

And it happened...

I just didn't think that it would happen this soon. :(

I usually don't get "regular" pedicures. I will treat myself once a moth or so and just paint them myself in between. Last night I had the urge to paint my toes even though I'm going for a pedi this Friday, they were really bad, ha!

I got them painted and just as I was finishing Hunter walked in and saw that I was struggling. It was hard to reach my toes with this belly in the way. I can't quite get my foot close enough to paint them and I can't quite stretch far enough down to reach them either. I did it, but it was probably the last time that I will be able to until after the baby is here. ha!

I have the best husband in the world who insisted on treating me to a mani/pedi every two weeks! (probably mostly because I looked so pathetic, ha!) yay!

Much Love,

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