Monday, August 20, 2012


I really love being productive, especially since I spent almost three months not doing anything because I felt so bad. Now that I'm feeling better, I'm back on  the Productivity Wagon. I feel like my head is in a million and one different places just trying to grasp everything that needs to be done before the arrival of Baby. Thankfully, my wonderful husband has been working like crazy to get what was the office cleared out to start preparing the nursery. My house is a complete disaster right now. It's absolutely crazy the things that we had crammed into the closets. ha!

We picked out furniture at Buy Buy Baby and this weekend my mother-in-law took us to order it for our Christmas present. We are so lucky to have the families that we have! And if you have not been in a Buy Buy Baby, you need to go. I love that place.

Our favorite thing about the furniture that we picked out is that the brand, Baby Appleseed, is an eco-friendly company and when you purchased furniture from them they will plant 10 trees in your baby's name. Cool huh? Here is a picture of the set that we bought. I LOVE! I can't wait to pick out bedding and get everything put together!

Much Love,

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