Friday, August 31, 2012

Bumpdate-20 weeks!

How Far Along: 20 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 5 lbs. at our last appt. We have an appt. on Tuesday, I'm thinking I'm closer to 10 lbs. now. ha!

Size of Baby: Our little nugget is about the size of a banana, according to

Maternity Clothes: I am still wearing some regular tops and I have switched to all maternity bottoms

Gender: We will find out on Tuesday!

Movement: I felt the "little bubbles" a few weeks ago and I was pretty sure that was it. I have felt them periodically since then. More when I'm sitting at my desk at work.

Sleep: I haven't been sleeping as well as I normally do. Mainly because I don't like sleeping on my side.

What I miss: Deli meat! I love turkey sandwiches and I have been wanting one so bad! And hot baths. I have still been enjoying warm baths, but I like them so hot that steam is coming off of my skin when I get out. I can't wait to take a hot bath again!

Cravings: Fruit! And black beans...weird, I know. I have a craving for Salmon last week, so I baked some and had it with rice and veggies. It. was. so. good.  

Other crazy symptoms: Nothing really crazy. I have had patches of eczema flair up and that has been pretty annoying and nothing is helping! I'm still feeling pretty tires all of the time but that beats feeling sick all of the time!

Best Moment this week: We went to our first childbirth class at the hospital this week. It was all about Anethisia. It freaked me out, but it also made me feel better at the same time. Hunter really enjoyed it too.

Have a nice long weekend!

Thursday, August 30, 2012


We have been making progress at our house this week. I saw "we" but I actually mean my awesome husband who has taken on most of the hard work. ;) Saturday while I had to work and went to my hair appointment, Hunter ripped out the carpet from what will be the nursery. We have hard wood in about 50% of the house and we decided that we wanted to go ahead and out hard wood in that room too. So out the carpet came. Then on Sunday we went and picked up paint and started painting while there was no floor to mess up. ha!

My baby brother came over to help Hunter with the walls...
  and a few other things...ha!
We get the floors installed next week...I can't wait to see what they will look like.
On a different note, we went to our first "Childbirth class" last night. Whoa. It was Anesthesia and I'm not sure that was the best one to start with, ha! I was totally freaked out at first, but by the end of the class I was feeling a little more assured.
I'll be back tomorrow with the 20 week update!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Five Question Friday!!

T.G.I.F.- you know what that means! 5QF! Here goes...

1. If you could have been (could be) any profession you wanted (brains and $$$ no problem) what would it be?
I think that if I could get over my fear of seeing blood, I would totally be a nurse. It seems very appealing to me and the schedule doesn't seem half bad either! 2. How often do you clean out your car?
Ummm.....not enough! I actually just got it washed today! It will probably be another month before that happens again. Every time that I leave the car wash, I say to myself that I am going to do that at least every other week...yeah right!
3. Do you wish there was such a thing as fashion police or are you deeply relieved?
Not at all. I don't really care what other people have on, to each his/her own. Our style is what makes us all different!

4. What's your go to food/drink/activity when stressed?
I am a closet junk food addict! When I'm super stressed I immediately reach for the most unhealthy food around. Or fast food, burgers, tacos, it's bad. Real bad.
5. If you had twins, what would you name them?
I can't even imagine having twins...but if I did, I don't think I would go with the rhyming route. I would just pick two names that we both love and stick with that.
Have a great weekend!

Monday, August 20, 2012


I really love being productive, especially since I spent almost three months not doing anything because I felt so bad. Now that I'm feeling better, I'm back on  the Productivity Wagon. I feel like my head is in a million and one different places just trying to grasp everything that needs to be done before the arrival of Baby. Thankfully, my wonderful husband has been working like crazy to get what was the office cleared out to start preparing the nursery. My house is a complete disaster right now. It's absolutely crazy the things that we had crammed into the closets. ha!

We picked out furniture at Buy Buy Baby and this weekend my mother-in-law took us to order it for our Christmas present. We are so lucky to have the families that we have! And if you have not been in a Buy Buy Baby, you need to go. I love that place.

Our favorite thing about the furniture that we picked out is that the brand, Baby Appleseed, is an eco-friendly company and when you purchased furniture from them they will plant 10 trees in your baby's name. Cool huh? Here is a picture of the set that we bought. I LOVE! I can't wait to pick out bedding and get everything put together!

Much Love,

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I fell victim

So I totally said that I was not going to do it. But I did. I just couldn't help myself. And now I'm addicted. I don't even know how it happened or how to explain it.

I fell victim to Honey Boo Boo Child and now she has me! Ha!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Bumpdate-16 weeks!

I can't believe that it has already been 4 months! I will preface this post by stating that the below picture was taken on the tail end of a very long, HOT day. Don't judge.

How Far Along: 16 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 2 lbs.-maybe, I have probably gained more but we don't have a scale at home and I haven't been back to the doctor yet. Our next appointment is Monday, so I guess we will see then. dum dum dum...

Size of Baby: Our little nugget is about the size of an avocado, according to 

Maternity Clothes: I am still wearing regular tops and a few regular bottoms with the bella band. The pants in the picture above are maternity and they are soooooo comfortable!

Gender: We will find out in Sept.!

Movement: None yet

Sleep: I haven't been sleeping as well as I normally do. Mainly because I don't like sleeping on my side.

What I miss: Deli meat! I love turkey sandwiches and I have been wanting one so bad!

Cravings: Nothing really notable this week. I have been eating a lot of fruit.

Other crazy symptoms: My all day sickness has seemed to ease up, which is really nice. I have been having sciatic pain every once in a while lately. It's kind of weird.

Best Moment this week: I finally ate veggies again! Yay!

Thursday, August 2, 2012


I did it again. I set my sights too high. ha! I had every intention of posting the weekly pregnancy update, but no, I have not done that. So instead I will be back tomorrow with my "monthly" update. Don't judge.