Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Call of the Wildman-Dewey Style

So, a few weekends ago I broke down and watched "Call of the Wildman" with the Turtle Man. It was actually pretty funny, that guy cracks me up. He caught all kinds of animals with his bare hands...crazy. What I did not notice is that Dewey was sitting next to me taking notes on how to catch critters with his bare hands.
We don't live in the country, but you might be fooled with all of the wildlife in our backyard. A few weeks ago Dewey found a bunny nest. I noticed that he had his nose almost buried in the ground sniffing something and then all of the sudden he jumped back and a tiny baby bunny came out of the hole making a screeching sound like I have never heard before. After that incident, I guarded the nest every time I let Dewey outside so that he couldn't get to it.
A few weeks went by and I thought that it would be safe to let Dewey roam free without me watching over the bunnies, he had really stopped paying attention to them. I was only looking away for a second when I heard Dewey scuffle around and saw that he had this little baby cornered.

Isn't he cute? He was about the size of a mouse!
It was awful, Dewey was trying to catch the bunny just like Turtle Man. Luckily, I got over there in time to scoop Dewey up and save the bunny. Now Dewey sits at the backdoor all day and night watching for bunnies.
That boy cray. Moral of the story, Dewey watches too much TV. ha!

Much Love,

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