Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I just don't get it

I don't know if I have ever written about my short experience with cupons. It was right around the time last year when there was all of that hype about Extreme Cuponing. Although I never envisioned myself going "extreme", I thought that I would start small. I had a friend at work that would cut cupons during her lunch break so one day I asked her if I could join.

It was great. She showed me her "system" and we swaped and shared all of our cupons. She actually went as far as to go to the different stores that were having sales to get "freebies". I on the other hand do not have the patience for that. ha!

 I had all of the cupons nicely organized and I had a list of what I needed to buy and what was on sale that I could combine my cupons with. I was ready. I got to the store and started my shopping, I was about half way done when I realized that I did not bring my cupons. not one. Awesome. After three or four times of ending up in this same situation, I realized that cuponing was just not for me.

And that my friends was the beginning of the end of cuponing for me.

Happy Tuesday!

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