Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Today is running away

Have you ever had a day that you feel like it's over before it even started? That's kind of how my day has been. I was off yesterday which was soooo nice. But I have been playing catch up today and the hours are coming too fast.

 This little guy went to the vet to have his teeth cleaned yesterday (for the 1st time ever! Ooops my bad). He did so good though! He was a little groggy last night, but totally back to normal this morning.

I made Meatball Sandwiches last night for dinner. I have never order one from a restaurant so I don't really have anything to compare these to, but we thought they were pretty good and oh so easy to make which is always a plus!

We planted this Lilly plant a few weeks ago and I have been waiting for it to bloom because I had know idea what it would look like. It finally bloomed and the flowers are so pretty!

Well that was totally random, but I guess that's just me these days. ha! ;)

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