Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

hi there. If you are still there. ha! I have so much to talk about since I was last on here, but I guess we'll will start with Easter.

We had a great holiday! Since we moved into our big house we (and by we, I actually mean I) decided that we would invited the families over to our house for Easter lunch after church. If you know me, you know that I tend to get a little a lot anxious about things like this. I am happy to report that I was totally chill for this particular event. ha!
I DID clean my house like a crazy lady before, but the lunch was great! We had my parents, my brother, Hunter's parents and my Grandma over. the Masters golf tournament was on, so of course that kept the guys entertained and the girls just visited. It was so nice. And every time we get together with both of our families together, it reminds Hunter and I of how lucky we are that we can do that. :)
Of course the most stressful part of the whole thing was decorating. duh! With help from my mom, I think it turned out really cute.
I dyed Easter eggs for the first time in a very long time for the was fun!
I have been waiting to try the recipe for Green Bean Bundles and I finally had the occasion to, they were so yummy!
Of course I couldn't post about a holiday without a picture of my sidekick, who never gets too far from me!
And the wingman....
I love those guys!
I hope your Easter was as blessed as ours!

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