Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Random Thoughts

I feel like I have so much to catch up on-so I'm just going to make a list. I warn you that it will be random. ha!

  • I found out through FB that a friend who I went to elementary-high school with in Houston lives on the next street from me in Dallas. What?? How crazy is that? We ended up in the same neighborhood 300 miles away from where we new each other. Small small world. I wen to the park with her and her twins, they are absolutely adorable. We had fun just catching up and I hope that we will see each other more often!
  • We went to a birthday party at the skating rink for our neighbor's little girl a couple of weeks ago. Hunter and I had no intention at all to skate-but we did-and we had a blast. I forgot how much fun skating is! I wasn't even sore the next day! ha!
  • I am totally addicted to Turbo Kickboxing. I started taking the classes at the gym in November and I cannot get enough. It is way fun!
  • Last night I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried a Piyo class. It was the first one offered at the gym I go to so I figured that nobody would know what they were doing and we would all look stupid together. It is a cross b/w yoga and Pilate's, but it's done to a fast tempo. I was sooooo hard, but I loved it and I can't wait to go back next week.
  • Hunter's brother will be in town this weekend for a music festival the we all go to. It was so much fun last year. This year Bun B is playing on Saturday and I am so excited!
  • I started WW again. Really trying to count my points...yada yada...ugh. I really don't like being on "diets". But I am at a place where I have to tell myself NO SWEETS! It has gotten a little out of control.
  • I gave up caffeine for lent. That has been fun. ha!

That's all I got! Hope you have a great rest of the week!

Much Love,


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