Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blogger vs. Real Life

I sometimes use this blog as an outlet to rant and rave and I know that most of you don't know who I am in real life. I can be anyone I want on here. What happens when you do meet someone who reads your blog in real life? Is it weird because you know so much about that blogger and they know nothing about you. I kind of think so.

I was in Target last week and I saw a certain blogger who is pretty popular and has tons of followers. At least I'm pretty sure it was said blogger. I thought about introducing myself and letting them know how much I adore their blog, but I didn't. I thought that it was a little creepy. I felt a little like a stalker. So we went on our merry little ways and that was that.

Has anyone out there ever approached a blogger in real life? Was it weird? I want to hear stories!

Much Love,

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  1. I made friend with them In real life!! Why not?? They should want to hear from other bloggers!!!! I found a lot of people on twitter too!