Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A New Tradition

For the second year now, my mom and I participated in the National Coalition for Ovarian Cancer 5K walk. (NOCC for short) We found out about the annual walk last year which happened to be the year after my mom's best friend was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Thank goodness they caught it early and her friend has had several clear scans since.

This year, my mom's friend and her whole family traveled here to do the walk with us.

She was nervous because she is still recovering from the chemo treatments and didn't think that she would make it all the way. But she did! All the way to the finish line! We were so proud!

Side note: it just so happens that I am very good friends with my mom's friend's daughter, so it worked out for everyone! We had a great time and decided that this will now be a new tradition for our families.

Much Love,

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