Friday, August 19, 2011

Five Question Friday

Dear 5QF,
I have missed you. It's good to be back.

1. Do you close the bathroom door when you are home alone?
Now that I think about it, no I don't. ha!

2. You have to walk around with a word on your forehead. That word describes you. One word. What is it?
If I had to pick just one it would be.....positive. I haven't really been too positive this week but we can all have our moments, right??

3. What store do you refuse to shop at and why?
I don't relly have a store that I just refuse to shop at but I WILL NOT shop at Walmart on Sunday. no way. you. can't. make. me.

4. If you participated in arranged marriages for your child(ren), who would you choose for your child(ren)?
I don't have children yet. But when I do I will let you know. ha!

5. If you could pick how and when you would die, would you?
Nope. I like surprises.

Have a great weekend!

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