Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I've Been Up To

I have totally been a bad Mama to my blog. Neglect is the only word that really comes to mind. I thought that I would use this post to tell you what I have been up to lately. The answer to that is not a whole lot and I've been busy at the same time. Try and keep up here. I have been really busy but at the same time I have lacked motivation to do anything. Maybe it's the sweltering heat out there. It just makes me kinda...lazy. Yeah, lazy. ha!

Last week my cousins were in town for a baseball tournament. Apparently they are super good baseball players. I wouldn't know because they live in Houston and I haven't seen them in like a million years. When they were babies I used to go stay with them to babysit for the whole weekend so my Aunt and Uncle could go out and have fun. They aren't babies anymore...

It was a weird feeling to look up to them. ha!

Last weekend we did stuff around the house. Our friends who live down the street called us to come over and grill out. It was really nice to just sit on their back patio and talk and laugh. We are so glad that we moved closer to friends :)

Last night my girl Britney came to town. I took one of my friends that had never been to a Britney concert. Not only did we get to see Britney but Nicki Minaj opened for her! We had a blast! It was a late night and I'm dragging today but oh so worth it!

Much Love,


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