Thursday, April 14, 2011

another day, another dolla

I really don't have much to say today. I have to work an event tonight for work...hello 12+ hour day. I'm sure I will be a delight come 5:30 tomorrow morning. I would like to apologize to my husband in advance for my behavior tomorrow because to tell you the truth I'm pretty b*tchy before the sun comes up and add that with less than 6 hours of out.

I bought a pair of shoes a couple of weeks ago. It was a great TJMaxx find. Fracno Sarto pumps for $40. I have worn them a few times and I keep thinking that they will get more comfortable. But no, I am wrong every time. I really don't want to retire them yet, we are just getting to know each other. What is a girl to do?

Until next time,


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  1. oh that's a pretty shoe! why don't you take a pic of you wearing it? hehe ^_^