Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weekend Review (a little late)

I know it's Wednesday and I'm just now posting about my weekend. I have been sluggish to say the least this week. We spent three days at a music festival in Denton.

This is only the second year of the event and the best way that I can describe it is a spin-off of Austin's event SXSW.

There were two outdoor stages and then about 10 different venues that participated. Over the course of four days 300 bands/performers came through Denton! There were performances on the outdoor stages during the afternoon and evening and then at about 10 PM the different bars hosted other bands all night. There were a lot of bands that I have never heard of, so I was little nervous that I wasn't really going to like anything. But I was so wrong. There were several bands that I really really liked, Hunter even went home and downloaded some of the music that he liked! Hunter's brother came in town for the weekend too so it was nice to see him and hang out. He's a goof!

I have to say my favorite performance was Big Boi on Sunday night. F.Y.I, he is part of Outkast.

It was awesome! Although I can't leave out Michael Cera's band, Mister Heavenly! The band wasn't actually all that great, but it was so funny to see Michael Cera up there! He is such a nerd. ha! Needless to say I have been dragging all week. I am sooooo tired and I can't wait for a low key weekend. ha! Now I'm just playing catch up on my sleep.

Much Love,

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  1. I LOVE Michael Cera! So jealous that you got to see him. I bet that was quite a treat. Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend!