Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I was raised in the Luthern church. Naturally, the season of Lent has been very present in my life although I didn't truly understand it until a couple of years ago. This post from another blogger that I stumbled upon through Loves of Life explains the season of Lent very well. To me, Lent is a time for me to give up something that I will truly miss during the 40 days to spend more time in relfection and prayer. I have seen many people posting that they are giving up Facebook for Lent. I think this is great, especially for someone like me who Facebook "stalks". ha! But there is something that I would miss more, sweets! (and Ranch) Those are two things that I have almost every day and I will notice the absence. But I can do it! Maybe I will give up Facebook also, I guess that is something that would actually give me more time for relfection. Do you celebrate Lent? What are you giving up?

Much Love,

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