Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Much Fun

Not was not that fun at all. Stuck in the house for4 days with nothing to do! We had wind chills of 14 BELOW zero! What the What? I know that probably sounds warm to some of you in the North, but I live in Texas for a reason, and it's not to play in the snow! ha! And out of the three times that I did leave the house, I fell twice. The second time got me pretty good. ha! On Friday the sun showed up and the roads were looking a lot better. Hunter had to actually get out our broom and sweep the 6 inches of snow off of his car before we could leave. crazy.

While we were out we came across this...

There were about 20 cars pulled over on the side of the road letting their kids sled down this ginormous hill! It was hilarious to watch them. Of course we use the term "sled" very loosely here in the great state of Texas. There was everything from trash can lids all the way to inflatable pool toys. ha!

We spent the rest of the weekend out and about after our four days of being stuck inside. We were suffering from some major cabin fever. Yesterday I went to the gun range with my mom and dad...
it was so much fun! Have a great week!
Much Love,

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