Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Review

Happy Monday to anyone out there who is happy it's Monday...not me. I do not enjoy Monday's. Especially this one. This is our forecast for this week.
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I know to most of you this is nothing, but I'm in Texas y'all and we see one snowflake and we freak out. ha! Hunter and I want to the Apple store yesterday morning to take my first "Apple school" class to learn how to use my fancy new computer. It was raining pretty good when we left our house and about an hour later when we were sitting in the class we looked out the window and saw huge snowflakes coming down. It snowed pretty much all day and everything that was on the ground froze last night. So needless to say, I was late to work this morning.

Besides the crappy weather day yesterday, the rest of the weekend was pretty nice. Saturday when went to a birthday party for a friend's little boy who turned four and they have another on the way.
So Cute!I ended the weekend swearing off cooking because I sliced my finger with one of my new, very sharp, knives. It was bad. It matches the one on my other index finger from the last time I got into a fight with one of my knives in the kitchen.

Hope you have a great Monday afternoon!

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