Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This is not a political post...

...but I just have to say that I recorded all of the episodes of Sarah Palin's Alaska that was on TLC. I thought that I would maybe watch one episode and move on, but I must confess that I am hooked. I don't even care about the political aspect of it. I like seeing her family and seeing that they are just a normal family. Her kids fight like all siblings, her teenage daughter rolls her eyes and talks back just like any other teenager.
What I really love is that they go on all of these awesome outdoor adventures. It just looks like so much fun. They go fishing and camping and hunting. I'm sure they did it all for the show, but I totally want to take a trip to Alaska now.
I have also learned little facts about Alaska, like did you know that 98% of the world's Grizzly bears call Alaska home? Just food for thought. ha!

Much Love,

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  1. I think Alaska looks great. My MIL has been there twice on a cruise and my husband and I hope to go there on a cruise in three years for our 25th anniversary. Looking forward to following your blog!