Wednesday, January 19, 2011

bummed...but still at it

So a week ago today I started Weight Watchers, well sort of. I only want to lose 10 pounds so I am just using a friend's book to track my points. I did pretty well the first week and I thought for sure that I would have lost a pound or two...nope. NOT. ONE. POUND. I am going to keep tracking my points and stay with it for the next couple of weeks just to see if anything changes. We'll see. I wanted to share a blog with you that is written by a lady who includes all of the WW points in her recipes. She makes some pretty yummy stuff! Click on the link to go to her page

That's all I got for now,



  1. Stick with it! You can totally do it! The first week is always the hardest, but you will very quickly feel and see the difference in your health and figure. I struggle to keep up healthy eating after week one, but week two is definitely easier. Girl power! =)

  2. Thanks for the comment! I've just started watching Greys Anatomy (a friend has lent me the 1st season) and I am getting really into it! I know I will love it and become a little addicted.hehe.