Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So I'm a little late posting on Kelly's Show Us Your Life...oops! Anyways, I had a great weekend. It's really starting to feel like Christmas, my mom even made Divinity, and it turned out so good! Yummy!
We don't really have a ton of space to do it up BIG for Christmas but I love decorating in the space that we do have! I will start off with my Christmas trees because I love them! Here is the one in the living room...

And this is the fun one that we started this year. There are not a lot of ornaments yet, but I figured that we will start collecting them each year.

I broke down and got us some new stocking this year. They are a huge upgrade from the $4 ones we had from WalMart...ha! They served their purpose, but it was time to retire them!

This is the centerpiece on our table. I had the jar from Hunter's grandpa and I got some fake snow and a red candle to go in it...a mini wreath and voila...our own little Winter Wonderland in a jar!
I love these guys. I got them at Kirklands after Christmas last year for almost nothing! You can put little tea lights in the bottom and they glow!

And who can have Christmas without a little sparkle?

Merry Christmas!

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