Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Every year during Christmastime, my parents organize some kind of family Christmas activity. Sometimes we go see A Christmas Carol or The Nutcracker. This year we all decided that we wanted to go to the Gaylord Texan to see ICE!
We had been before, but they change the theme every year and this year it's Charlie Brown. How cute! Everyone met up for dinner first and then we headed to the Gaylord. In the years past it has been crowded but not unbearable. Things change. ha! We got to the hotel right at 8:00PM. We decided that it would be better to valet our cars so that my dad didn't have to walk so far (still recovering from back surgery). There were only about 10 cars in front of us in the valet line. 45 minutes late we had not moved. r.e.d.i.c.u.l.o.u.s. When you buy tickets you have to pick a "show time" and you cannot be late, we were already almost 30 minutes passed our show time. I was soooo bummed. But my parents are going to call today and explain the situation-we were there in their unorganized valet line-and see if they will let us come another day. Oh well...

Hunter and I are having our little Christmas tonight. We always pick a day before we are with our parents and open presents and have our own Christmas dinner. I'm excited!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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  1. That stinks about missing the show! I hope you have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!