Thursday, December 9, 2010

blah blah blah

It has been one of those weeks. Not a good week, but not really a bad week either. Hunter has been out of town for work...driving all over the a blizzard! That has had me a tiny bit worried. But he's home safe now. I have just been in kind of a funk this week...I can't really explain it. I hate that I have been feeling like this because it is so close to Christmas and I LOVE Christmas. So as of two minutes ago I am so over whatever had me in a funk...done. ha! I love wrapping Christmas gifts, it's therapeutic to me, very soothing. So last night I rounded up everything that needed wrapping and went to town while catching up on shows that were on the DVR. Then I made so ornaments for our "fun" tree in our guest room. It's a white tree that we are decorating with lime green and silver. Here are the ornaments that I made for it last night.

I made some red ones last year, so I thought maybe I will make this a tradition!
Much Love,

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  1. Glad you are out of your funk...good for you!! I wish you would head over to ATL and wrap my presents. I don't enjoy it...