Monday, November 29, 2010


How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was GREAT! Lots of food and family! I had an awesome week off from work but it was soooo hard to get up and get going this morning. Ha! First things first...last year I started a tradition making The Pioneer Woman's delicious cinnamon rolls for Christmas. I got started on them last week while I had some time off. They get easier every time I make them...but the mess never gets any smaller...ha!

Thursday we went to my parents for Thanksgiving dinner. I made this dip...

and these artichoke thingys for appetizers...

I also made Sweet Potato Casserole for the first time and I really liked it! Click here for the recipe!
We had fun taking pictures outside..even though it was freezing!
Me and Hunter...

The kids with Grandma...

The whole family!
Me and Mom... The guys watching The Cowboys get stomped by The Saints...hehehe

The Turkey...YUM!
Dewey taking a nap with my Dad...he loves his Papa so much!

Staying warm by the fire...

Have a great week!

Much Love,


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