Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween in November

First things first, my Dad is doing very well after his surgery. He got to come home on Friday, we had a little scare on Saturday, but he is doing better now. The doctor told him that it was going to start to get a little better everyday and I think he has finally feeling that. Please continue to pray for his full recovery and healing!

I have a few pictures to share with you...a little late, I know. I need more time in the day! ha! I have to explain this first one...I work in a place well known around these parts. They actually refer to it as the "Home of the Dallas Cowboys." If you are a football fan, or even if you are not, then you know about the season that the Cowboys are having...not. good. Every Friday during football season we have "Cowboys Day" at our office and wear our Cowboys gear. We thought for Halloween that it would be funny to wear our Cowboys gear but put paper bags over our heads with sad faces on them. ha! Hear is the result...
Here are the pictures of the dogs in their Halloween costumes! Dewey was a lobster....isn't that the cutest lobster you ever did see?
And Dublin was a spider! ha! I love the legs on his costume!
I think Dublin was a little ashamed...
But Dewey loved his! ha! He looks like he is smiling again!
While my parents are adjusting to my Dad's first week back at home, we decided that we would keep Dublin at our house. We love him and Dewey loves it when he comes over! Dublin's FAVORITE activity is to try to find all of the socks in our house. ha! Here he is after he found one...he is looking at me like if I take one step closer...he is gone!
And here is his laughing at me when I couldn't catch him!

Much Love,

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