Thursday, October 14, 2010

You're always a little braver with friends

Do you remember being a kid and being scared to do something in fear that you might get in trouble or you might get hurt? Do you remember not being scared to do those same things when you had friends with you because for whatever reason you thought you had to show off? I do!
A couple of weeks ago I posted about Dewey being terrified of the pumpkins that I put out for Fall here? We are watching my parent's dog, Dublin, for them this week. Dewey and Dublin are brothers and they LOVE each other! We love having Dublin over because he and Dewey play together so well. They also are mischievous together. Those pumpkins that Dewey was so scared to even go near were not so scary with Dublin by his side. I walked into the living room last night to find this...
Yep, those are my pumpkins missing the little topper things. They ate them! And this is where I found Dewey and Dublin...
It's like they knew they were bad dogs! ha!
Love All,

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  1. Oh my goodness, they ate them?! That is so funny, kind of!! THey do look like they know they were in trouble!! They're so cute!