Tuesday, October 5, 2010

To Branson and back!

Hello there! I have been a bad blogger, I haven't posted in like a week! I promise that I have a really good reason. We took a mini-vacation to Branson! It was a much needed break from life. Why Branson you ask? I don't really know. I wanted to go to Eureka Springs, AR but I didn't want to stay there and Branson is only an hour from there so that's where we ended up. Branson wasn't exactly what I was picturing it to be. I guess I thought that it was quaint and rugged, not so my friend. It was full of flashing lights and celebrity impersonators and a population of over 80 years old. We still had a blast though! We stopped in Eureka Springs on the way to take a ghost tour of the old 1886 Crescent Hotel. That was a lot of fun even if I don't really believe in all of that stuff. I was showing one of my friends my pictures from the trip yesterday and she swears that there are a few pictures with orbs in them. I don't know...I think it is just the reflection of lights. ha! Eureka Springs as a whole thoroughly freaked me out. It was a creepy little place. The roads were very confusing and at some points I felt like they were trying to keep us there. ha! On Friday night we ate at a really cool restaurant on a cliff that looked over the "young" part of Branson where are of the bars and restaurants are. the weather was soooooo nice, we got to sit on the patio and the view was amazing! Saturday we spent the day at Dogwood Canyon. We did an 8 mile hike through the park. That was really relaxing, I definitely got my share of vitamin D! We spent Saturday night hanging out at this great place called Old Chicago. They had the best deep dish pizza and 100 beers on tap!! There was also this really cool water show at the outdoor mall in the little center that we were in that we stopped and watched. Sunday we headed back to reality and here I am!
Love All,


  1. Glad you had a good time. We were there just over 8 years ago and I swear I was the youngest person in the city!