Monday, October 18, 2010


Hiya! I had a great weekend. It was one of those weekends that we didn't really have any plans so we caught up on things around the house. It was actually very productive.

Friday: We have dubbed Friday nights in our house "Appetizer Night" Every Friday I make appetizers. Last Friday I made The Pioneer Woman's Mini Meatball Sammies. They were delicious! I used ground turkey instead of ground beef. Get the recipe here!

Saturday: I worked Saturday morning at a Plant Exchange for work. I got a lot a new plants for freeeee! Score! After I worked Hunter and I went to Central Market to check out the Hail to The Cheese festival that they were having. I also stocked up on some of their yummy produce!

We got a few different kinds of cheeses to try. We had wine and cheese on the patio when we got home. It was a really nice night.

Sunday: Poor Hunter. I just HAD to have a new flower bed for the new plants that I got on Saturday. He was a trooper though. He dug the new bed for me and I got to plant everything that I got. This little baby plant is actually a Texas Mountain Laurel tree. Yes, a TREE! I am going to take care of it until it is ready to be planted in the ground. Isn't it cute?

This was the flower bed BEFORE

And the was the finished product! It looks a little scrawny now. But I planted some bulbs that will bloom in the spring and there is a baby rose bush in the corner that will grow pretty big too! It was a lot of work so I jsut want to shout out to my awesome husband! Love you Hunter!
I also got some herbs at the Plant exchange, so I stuck them in this pot that I had right by the back door. I got Spearmint, Thyme, and Parsley! Yummo!

Have a great week!

Love All,

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