Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A little late...

It's Wednesday....I'm just now posting my weekend updates last weekend. Sheesh. First and foremost...I want to wish the BEST mom in the whole world a Happy Birthday! It was yesterday. Again...a little late.

Our weekend was jam packed with stuff. We were so busy! Here is a little breakdown.

Saturday: Walked in a 5K with my mom. It was to raise awareness for Ovarian cancer. I posted about my mom's friend here. It was a very humbling experience. When I saw how many survivors were there...I was floored, it made me want to cry happy tears. But that was the whole purpose for the race, to raise awareness so that more women who have the symptoms go to the doctor. It did rain on us in the last mile and when I say rain I mean it poured. We thought we were going to make it without getting wet, but right when we passed to 2 mile marker the skies opened up and let it all out. But we finished! After we went home and changed into dry clothes we went to breakfast and then my mom treated up to a day at the spa. It was the best pedicure ever!! Thanks mom!

Saturday Night: Celebrity sighting #2! So a couple of weekends ago we saw some of the Chicago Bears players at Ruth's Chris. On Saturday night we went to Al Bernait's in Dallas to celebrate my mom's birthday. A couple of tables away from us I noticed that groups of young girls kept stopping at this table. They were all very giddy and laughing. When the third group of girls stopped at that table I said "ok, that's someone famous." But his back was to me and I couldn't see him. When he stood up and turned our way my mom said "that's Jake the bachelor!" It was! I couldn't believe it. If I was a fan of The Bachelor and had any interest in him at all I probably would have gone over to get a picture or something, but I honestly did not care. ha!

Sunday: Hunter spent most of Sunday helping his mom finish her garden shed. I watched The Boys whoop up on the Texans.

And that was our weekend. Before I know it I will be posting about this weekend!

Love All,

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