Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Girl & Show Us Your Life!

I am a happy girl today because the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back at Starbucks! This means the beginning of Fall and the holiday season! Yay!

I'm also happy that Kelly over at Kelly's Korner brought back Show Us Your Life!! This week is LIVING ROOMS- so here is mine. We have one big room that is our living room, dining room, and kitchen. I have really enjoyed the "open" concept, but I think is our next house I will enjoy a little separation between the rooms :)

This is the view from our front entry.
This is the view from the dining area. In the three years that we have lived there we have collected more and more decorations, definitely a work in progress.
This is from the other angle of the dining room. We just recently moved our TV from above the mantle to the TV stand. It's so much easier to watch without looking up. We got the big mirror at Kirkland's during a great sale and I found the little topiary trees at Michael's for $7!

Thanks for stopping by to see my living room! Have a great weekend!

Love All,


  1. Jess, I love your living room!! It's so pretty and inviting, I love the colors!! I wish I was a coffee drinker because everybody has been talking about that drink from Starbucks!! Enjoy your Friday!!

  2. Thanks Heather! I'm glad you said that becuase I was actually thinking about changing the colors!! I think I will leave them for now! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Love it! BEautiful!

  4. What a cute room! I have been looking for a topiary tree... I think they are just darling.

  5. I love how you have decorated your home. It is really beautiful. Our last home had an open concept. It was nice at the time but I now enjoy the separate spaces in our current home!

  6. Um, can I have your sofa? j/k (sorta!) I love the color! Love the blog, I am a new follower :)

  7. Hurray for Pumpkin Latte! Your room looks great! Our home has always been a work in progress, too! I think it is better that way. Your newest follower :)

  8. What a cute living room! Love your furniture! Girlie nothing like a Pumpkin Spice Latte to make ya smile and bring in the fall

    Summer :0)

  9. You've done a great job! I just moved to Texas this past February from GA. I LOVE GA.. and I have to say I'm starting to really love it here in Texas.. except for maybe the heat.. I'm waiting on it to cool down.. it just doesn't seem like fall. :( Where are you in TX??!

  10. I think your living room is great. I don't drink coffee, but I keep hearing about those pumpkin spice lattes and I must say I want to try one to see what all the fuss is about. :)