Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Wrap

We had another relaxing weekend. It has been very nice to not have to go and go without coming up for air. ha! Saturday we went to my Aunt's house in the country. We had a lot of fun I just wish it wasn't so hot! And when I say hot, I mean like heat index of 110 degrees! Crazy. It has actually been so hot that this guy had to get another haircut.
We usually just do one good short cut at the beginning if summer and that gets him through until the Fall, but it has been so hot that we had to get him cut again!
My Aunt had a sweet little vegetable garden and she planted sunflower seeds last Spring, and this is what she got!

I'm 5'3" looking up at these babies, so you can imagine how tall they were!

Here it is, Monday, again. But I did get to start out the work week with a twist. I got a free tour of the Cowboy's new stadium so I took the girls from work along with me. It was a blast!

Love All,

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