Friday, June 11, 2010


This week's on Show Us How You Live is China Patterns. I have to say that When we were registering for our wedding we went back and forth on China. We originally weren't going to get china because we thought that we wouldn't use it but we made a game time decision to go ahead and register for it. The reason for the decision was because we thought that we would never go out and get it ourselves (face it, there is always something else you need). I am glad the we did register for china, even though we haven't used it yet, I know that we will! Here is out pattern:

I love it because it is simple. Here is a picture of the set with an accent plate.
If I was going to get myself a second set, I would probably going with something more fun! Like this:
I think this is so fun! Have a great Friday!
Love All,

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  1. I love simple china too, it goes with everything!! But your fun choice is prbably what i would go with, dressess up the table so nice!!