Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quick Trip, Donettes, & Summer Wreath

Last weekend we took a very quick trip to San Antonio. Hunter, being the very thoughtful guy that he is, bought tickets to take me to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra. As I said, very thoughtful. The original plan was to stay the whole weekend. That changed after we started talking about everything that we wanted to do before we put our house on the market. We decided to wake up Saturday and get some breakfast and head out around Noon. Sounds simple right? Wrong. Hunter took his clothes to the cleaners on Thursday afternoon with the plan to pick them up on Saturday when we got back home. Little did we know that the new cleaners that we started using closes at Noon on Saturday and Hunter HAD to have his clothes first thing Monday morning for work. Pain in the rear. So what started out to be a relaxing weekend, ended up with us rushing around. The short time that we were in San Antonio was fun. I love the river walk and we got to walk around a little. We headed back home at 6:30 AM on Saturday morning!! Early....I know! So to reward myself for getting up so early on Saturday I got TWO bags of Donettes, onr chocolate and one powdered, and I ate them ALL! ha!

Isn't this the sweetest thing that you have ever seen? This couple was just sitting there watching a water fall across the river. I just had to take a picture of them :)

Lately I have been pretty stressed out with life. I have been doing my best to try and not sweat the small stuff as they say. But with work and trying to sell our house and buy a new one, it has all been pushing me closer and closer to the edge. Ha! When I feel super stressed it helps if I do something that completely takes my mind off things for a while. Normally I cook or bake something yummy. But I decided that this week, I was going to try my hand at being a little crafty and make a Summer wreath for our front door. A sweet friend gave me a gift card to Hobby Lobby for my birthday that I hadn't used yet, so I thought it would be perfect! I was a little scared at first, but it turns out that it was quite easy and it totally worked and I de-stressed a little. Here is the work in progress, I hope that I can finish it tonight!

I jut had to show you this picture. Dewey got a bath last night and he wasn't very happy with me taking a picture of him right after! Look at how he is looking at me! He really looks like he has a little attitude! I love him to death!!

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