Monday, May 10, 2010

margaritas, grandma, and fast food

I hope all of you mothers out there were able to spend the weekend with your kids! I had a great weekend. It started out with this: Man, there is nothing like ending a Friday with a great margarita! My grandma came in town to spend the weekend here. I was glad that I got to go have Mexican food with her and the family on Friday night after work. We had fun!

Saturday I had an event at work and I was so jealous because mom took grandma out for lunch and to the movies, it sounded so relaxing and I had to be a work. We had a Wine Tasting which actually went very well and I was only there for about 4 hours, so it wasn't that bad. Sunday morning we went out to brunch with my family and Hunter's family. We are so lucky that our families get along well enough to do things like this together. It makes it so much easier on us!

On a side note: when I put my pants on this morning, they were a little snug. I went about a year without eating much fast food and for some reason I fell off that wagon and then it ran over me. I guess it's time to get back on it again. No more fast food for me. Easier said than done. Please send prayers.

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