Friday, May 21, 2010


It's already that time again! Why is it the older I get, the faster the time goes? I remember when I was younger the days seemed to drag by, but now I can hardly keep up! ha! Anywho, it's time for Mama M.'s 5QF! You get to learn 5 more things about me that you didn't know before, aren't ya excited?

1. Do you have an iPhone and, if so, how do you get apps and what are your favorites?
Actually, I do! I am a newby as far as the iPhone is concerned. I am still learning. I get my apps from "the app store" application. And my favorites are The Weather Channel, Urban Spoon, Facebook, and Fandango. I really do love my iPhone, we get along well!

2. What is your fondest memory of K-3rd grade?
Wow diggin into the past, huh? Lets see....I remember that I really loved my third grade teacher, Ms. Melton. She was the sweetest person I have ever met. She made me feel so special.

3. What makes you cringe at the thought of touching?
OOOO....this is a good one. There are plenty of things that really gross me out. But what really gets my stomach in knots is touching any kind of lump or knot on myself or anyone else. I know that sounds so weird, but what can I say? I'm pretty weird. That was the first thing that came to mind because just yesterday a friend at work wanted me to feel this knot on her leg and it made me pass out. Not really, but almost! ha!

4. If you could have any celebrity show up on your doorstep who would it be and why?
OMG. I am such a celebrity groupie. I love all of the trash mags-I just can't stop reading them! So this is going to be tough. I think I would really LOVE to meet Nicole Kidman. She seems so classy and refined. I feel the same way about Sally Field. They both seem like they would be very intelligent. I would love to have coffee with either one of them!

5. What would you say is your best physical feature?
Ew...I don't even know. I guess if I had to pick I would say my eyes. I get a lot of compliments on my eyes.

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