Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekend in Review- And 100th Post!!

Break out the bubbly! This is my 100th post! It doesn't feel like I have posted that many times, if there are any of you who are still reading out there-thanks for sticking with me!

So most of this past weekend was spent celebrating my birthday. No numbers. It was a great birthday-I truly have the best family and friends, and Hunter is pretty darn great too! This was me on the last night of the celebration (yes, it lasted for three nights!) Hey, this girl knows how to celebrate.

Come Monday morning I was completely exhausted and it took everything in me to get out of bed for work. But here I am and it's Tuesday already. This week is going to fly by! So on Sunday I was grilling some pork chops on the back patio and i felt something rubbing on my leg, I looked down and there was this cute little cat.

Cute, right? Yeah, right until he tried to get in the house!

This little guy was not very happy about our guest! He was on the inside of the door freaking out!