Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top of the Mornin' to ya!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Since I am more than a little Irish, I feel that it is my obligation to celebrate this holiday with lots of food and more important drinks! Do you know where the origin of St. Patrick's Day started? Me either, so this morning I read up on it. It is basically about a man named Patrick who was kidnapped by Irish bandits and held captive for six years, in which this time he became a devout Christian. After his escape to Britain, he became an ordained minister and returned to Ireland to convert the Irish pagans. So basically St. Patrick was responsible for bringing Christianity to Ireland. As I was reading this story, one thing really popped out. St. Patrick's Day always falls during Lent, the local Bishop had the authority to lift the obligation to abstain from eating meat during the celebration. Soooo, I guess that means that I can eat a dessert tonight?? Ha! I think I just might!

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