Tuesday, February 9, 2010

too young to feel this old

This past weekend was a long one. Saturday morning we went to the funeral for our friend Mitchell who passed away suddenly last week, one week before his 30 birthday. It was hard to be there but necessary for the grieving process.
Saturday night we went out to Dallas celebrate our friend's 30th birthday. We all got hotel rooms downtown and partied until they made us leave!

We had an awesome time but when Sunday came around I was worthless! What is it about getting older that makes hangovers awful? I don't get it. When I was 21 I could got out night after night over and over again and it never phased me, but now-forget it! I felt bad that I did not do one thing on Sunday, not one. No Laundry, no cleaning, no dinner. You would have thought that I drank the whole bar, but I didn't. Honestly I really didn't drink that much. This old body just can't keep up with my young soul! ha!

On top of my partying ways this weekend and being completely bed ridden after, my best friend from Houston called me last night and said that she was in town and wanted me to come meet her. So of course I did! So as you can imagine I am exhausted today! Well I'm off...have a great week!

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