Wednesday, December 2, 2009

worth the wait

This is what the Borders looked like when I got there at 5:00 p.m. last night

People everywhere

What were they all waiting for you ask....Her

That's right. THE Pioneer Woman in the flesh! I was going back and forth all day and could not make up my mind whether I wanted to go stand in line or not and I am so glad that I did! We waited for about three hours to see her and let me tell you the 10 seconds that I got to spend with her was worth the wait. She is so stinkin' cute! Signed my book and everything, even after an hour of signing (I know her hand had to be about to fall off) she was still all smiles when it was my turn. I told her that I read her blog every day and that she made me fat with all of her deliciousnesses. And she didn't even look at me like I was crazy! Love her! And her girls are just as pretty in person as they are in her pictures! So I just want to shout out to P-Dub, thanks for puttin' up with all of us crazy fans who wait in line for hours just to get a glimpse of you!

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