Monday, October 26, 2009

Up, Up, and Away!

Last week I had the rare occasion of having the day off from work. It was completely unplanned so the normal list-making me had nothing on the agenda. So I spent the day with the Hubby running little errands that needed to be caught up on. On our way home we noticed that there were some very low flying jet planes. We live just a few miles from a large cargo/military airport. The Hubby realized what they were and said "those are the Blue Angels!". He turned the car into a empty parking lot to watch. We watched them for a while and then decided to head home, we were amazed that when we got back home the planes were flying right over our house! So we watched some more...ha! We realized that they were practicing for the air show that was happening over the weekend. I have never been to an air show so I was so excited that we caught it and were able to make planes to see it! We called a friend who has a little boy that we knew would totally enjoy it and they went with us. Here are some pics of what we saw....

I wanted to take this pink helicopter home!! This was the cutest little plane flying all around!

I am so glad the we got to go. It was a great time and I will definitely go again next year! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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