Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Four Generations

This past weekend my Grandma and Great Grandma came into town for a weekend visit. It was so nice to spend time with both of them. Saturday we spent all day at the town square. W ate lunch at my favorite tea room and just browsed the shops. There was a festival going on for the college also. It was Parents weekend. So the square was just buzzing with people and things going on.

My great grandma (Mema) started the day with this Mimosa. I just thought it was the cutest little bottle of champagne ever. Her favorite shop is the old ice cream parlor on the square, she loves the authentic chocolate soda there. So of course I had to get a picture of her and my little brother with the sidewalk sign outside of the shop.

That night for dinner we went to an old steakhouse that my Mema and Grandma love to go to when they are visiting. It is in a very small neighboring town and there is a little history to it. So the legend has it that Bonnie and Clyde came to the town to rob the bank that is next door to the restaurant. Little did they know that the bank had actually been turned into the town hardware store. So they came in to rob a bank and got nothing. The little steakhouse is actually famous now. They have newspaper clippings about Bonnie and Clyde posted everywhere. They have pictures of past Presidents and celebrities who have been there too! It is always amazing to me when I go into this little whole-in-the wall restaurant and see pictures of celebrities who have been there. Here is a pictures of my brother and I with Grandma and Mema.

We are so blessed to have both of them in our lives. Some people don't even have one grandmother and we have two very special ones! I am so thankful for them everyday!

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