Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello There!

Hello to all of my fellow bloggers out there! I have been an avid reader of some very interesting blogs over the past couple of years. I always thought that it looked like fun to share your thoughts with anyone who cared to take the time to read them. So here goes. First, a little about me. I am a southern girl to the bone. I have been married to my wonderful husband for two years. We don't have any human babies but we do have a fury baby that is spoiled more than any dog should ever be. His name is Dewey. I will probably write about him more than you care to hear, deal with it! I work full time as a community event planner. I am an aspiring self-taught photographer. I have a new found (it that right?) love for cooking. I never thought that I liked to cook but it turns out that I really do love it and I'm not half bad either. I use cooking to de-stress. I will share all of the recipes that I try here. (Of course all of my cooking experiences will be complete with pictures. Didn't you just read the photographer part? duh). I love making things from scratch. I am going to attempt to make curtains next week, tune in for the results if you dare. My life is not perfect, it's acctually pretty messy. I should have named this blog "My Messy Life" HA! Just a girl trying to get the most out of life! Enough about me? Tell me something about you.

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